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Book Five in the Ben Hunnicutt series - Red Star Down

Washtub Gold, Warhead, CrossKill, The Last Kill, Red Star Down- Ben Hunnicutt Novels by Don Neal

Ben Hunnicutt finds himself tasked with locating and salvaging a World War Two Russian aircraft which was wrecked and lost in the mountains of Alaska in 1944. Part of its cargo was a mysterious briefcase which had been manacled to the wrist of a Russian Colonel. The case contains documents which, even after three decades, would prove embarrassing to the Soviets if revealed.

Word of Ben’s mission leaks out. He and his friends are suddenly alone in a remote valley with a group of armed Russians who bear diplomatic credentials, but are determined to obtain the briefcase by any means necessary.

Ben is distracted by the absence of his lover, FBI Agent Liz Nichole, who has been permanently transferred out of Alaska. This loss has made him careless and has blunted the instincts which usually guide him through perilous situations.


don neal author

Don Neal, author of the Ben Hunnicutt novels, is a retired soldier. Reared in Suffolk and in Surry County in southern Virginia, he dropped out of the College of William and Mary and enlisted in the Army after the Chinese entered the Korean War in late 1950. His 28 years of service encompassed nearly the entire Cold War period, taking him to Japan, Germany, Korea, and Alaska. He has served in the Infantry, Field Artillery, Armor, and Air Defense Missile branches. His final ten years of service were in Alaska with the Nike Hercules Air Defense units protecting the Anchorage and Fairbanks population centers during the Cold War.

Neal and his family have resided in the Anchorage area for over 50 years. His hobbies include military history and the research and study of antique and historical firearms, with an occasional foray into drag racing.



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