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My week on the Resurrection River Trail on Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula had begun routinely, only special in the way that the first visit to any wild area is special. There were new vistas, different mountains, new problems (challenges, if you were optimistic) to overcome, and a refreshed appreciation of the earth and its non-human tenants.

The thought that one might run into a gang of fleeing bank robbers on a wilderness trail was so wildly far-fetched that it wouldn’t even be considered as a book plot by any sane author. Nevertheless, it had happened to me, had led to at least one death and one budding romance, and it had reunited me with the love of my life.

My name is Ben Hunnicutt, retired soldier living in Alaska. The love of my life is Liz Nichole, an FBI Agent stationed in Norfolk, Virginia. We have an oddball sort of relationship— though separated by 5000 miles, Liz manages to get leave every few months or so to visit me for a week, and to renew her love of Alaska’s grandeur (and of me, I tell myself). The understanding is, that if she can’t be spared from her duties in Virginia, I might overcome my aversion to civilized living and visit her on occasion.

The culmination of my on-the-trail adventure with the bank heisters was an unexpected meeting with Agent Liz, who had been dispatched from Virginia to Seward, Alaska to advise and assist in catching the bad guys. Her previous years in the Anchorage office and her success in clearing cases in Alaska’s unique environment qualified her as an area expert.

 When the matter of the bank robbery was finally settled, we prepared for a week of togetherness and wild romance in Alaska. The government being what it is, however, no romantic interlude is allowed to go uninterrupted—Liz was called off of leave for a special anti-dope smuggling operation back in Virginia.

Love and lust overpowered my reluctance to leave The Last Frontier, so I accompanied her back to Norfolk for a ten-day visit.

On my first day in Norfolk, she hauled me into her bosses’ office without bothering to tell me why. Once there, she presented me as the ideal undercover ‘contract’ agent for the ongoing operation.

“Born and raised in tidewater Virginia,” she explained to him, “and on record as having previously worked with the Bureau office in Anchorage to clear several cases.”

She mentioned my work with a national intelligence agency in breaking a combination gold smuggling and sex trafficking case, the recovery earlier of a hijacked nuclear warhead, and that hiring me would save the Bureau a few bucks by my already having a Top-Secret clearance.

“He knows the local country and people,” she said, “and was brought up along the shores of the James River. He can go places and talk to folks who won’t give us Damn Yankees the time of day.”

While none of the information she gave was exactly new to me, I hadn’t realized I was so great—and I may still have had a few doubts. But when I thought about the boredom of lying around Liz’s apartment waiting for her to get home after her duty day, having a real job—even for a short while— didn’t sound too bad. I tried to appear enthusiastic and professional when Agent-in-Charge O’Neil interviewed me. To my great surprise, he hired me on.